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Supporting Arts during Covid-19

Dear Friends of the Arts,

By now you will have no doubt received numerous newsletters and emails from a variety of public and sector institutions and individuals advising on COVID-19 repercussions, new guidelines and protocols and indeed, new strategies to assist with experiencing the arts.

The impact of COVID-19 cannot be understated with many of us experiencing not only personal challenges but also professional ones in the form of cancelled art exhibitions, concerts and stage plays. And closure of the museums, art institutions, theatres and galleries we manage.

During this period of social/physical distancing Asian Art Advisory will continue to offer discrete, impartial and timely art advisory services by way of video conferencing via Zoom, Skype and WebEx.

In addition, Asian Art Advisory will be offering a 50% discount on our usual rates for all consultations during this time to public sector arts institutions and not-for-profits. To book a consultation today contact:

Wishing you and your loved ones health in this difficult time.

The Asian Art Advisory Team.

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