Every conceivable art form can be discovered along the Silk Roads. From the exciting Iranian contemporary art scene to the traditional motifs being employed in Kazakh avant-garde visual arts and the 3D algorithm engineered compositions conceptualised by Chinese artist Miao Xiao Chun. Each centre of art production from Central to Southeast Asian speaks to a host of folkloric and decorative influences, media and styles. 
Asian Art Advisory has a deep knowledge of emerging art markets, established networks with collectors, artists, museums, fine art faculties, public and private institutions. We can provide expert, independent advice tailored to meet your needs. Only working on assignment for art collectors, corporations,  public and private institutional clients, we do not act as art dealers.  
Clients are provided with professional and discreet advisory services. Our unique advisory service covers advice on acquisitions, assistance with sales, art programme management and art communication strategies. 
Whether building a collection over time or acquiring individual art works, our goal is to locate artworks of the highest standard that reflect the client’s personal interests and desires.